The queen of another country having a funeral is apparently bigger news to cable news networks than millions of Americans not having power or portable water.

If your support of your child is conditional only on them being exactly how you want them to be, then you truly are an awful parent.

There’s a section of adults that just can’t let fantasy be fantasy and it honestly makes me kind of sad to see.

If I see one more cis person complaining about how “cringe” neo-pronouns are, I’m going to snap.
Know what’s really “cringe”? Being a lazy prick.

Some people have compared trans people asking for people to maybe not buy the TERF lady’s books and other merchandise to book-burning.

Reminds me a lot of how white people complained wearing masks was like slavery. Bigots gonna be bigots.

Forgiving $10,000 - $20,000 of student loan debt isn’t nothing and there are many, many people that can finally breath easy this week. And the changes to interest are also a definite improvement.

It’s what I’d call a “good start.” If this is all we’re ever going to get, though, then it’s only a half-measure.

Cops have always been bad. Acting like they’ve only been bad these past couple of years is whitewashing literal centuries of violence and corruption.

It’s not “quiet quitting” if you literally wouldn’t have time otherwise to sleep. 104 hours a week means you basically only have about 9-10 hours each night to sleep, less if you commute to work, less if you account the time it takes to get ready for work, less if need to grocery shop.

A 104 hour work week isn’t a life, it’s a death sentence.

OT 🔗:

I genuinely believe most Christians would be a lot happier, a lot kinder, and just a lot better off generally if they just didn’t go to church.

I honestly don’t know if the US healthcare system will ever fully recover from the pandemic. It’s easy for most of us to ignore until we need to be hospitalized and there isn’t a bed available because people are still catching Covid. That’s assuming you’re even able to afford a hospital in the first place without going bankrupt, which was a problem before the pandemic anyways…

It’s pretty sad how many “feel good stories” are actually people just struggling to survive in situations that have been created by the rich and powerful. I don’t feel good that a kid has to basically save up from the moment he’s born to afford college, actually, I want colleges to actually BE affordable.

Journalists can’t be neutral when one side is literally calling for the elimination of LGBT+ people and imposing other christofascist policies.

Normal People: They’ve drawn congressional maps that give them the advantage in elections, removed polling locations where we can vote, and they’re making ID laws that make it harder for us to vote.

Liberals: Have you considered voting harder?

“Here’s another dumb idea Elon Musk came up with and here’s why it’d be a trainwreck” is one of my favorite genres of YouTube videos.

Listen, even if Elon Musk isn’t buying Twitter anymore, I ain’t leaving Mastodon now. It’s too late, this place is stuck with me.

So glad I only just got around to watching Season 6 of Better Call Saul. If I’d had to sit on that last cliffhanger for over a month, I’d have gone crazy!

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