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:ts: Tony takes the brunt of all the shite for the team, he's a good man who really cares about people& deserves much better. He's a true leader& many of us wouldn't be here without him. :ms_purple_heart:

It's important for all of us to stick together& support each other. Keeping each other motivated& informed. I'm very glad we have so many friends out there, standing beside us(from a distance) in this fight. :blobcathearthug:

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Did you eat?

Did you shower?

Did you feed pets&kids?

Did you stretch& try to keep active?

Did you do laundry/wash your mask(s)?

Did you stay at home to protect yourself &others?

Did you social distance as much as possible if it going out was essential?

Did you WAH if possible?

Did you call/txt/write your MOCs?

Did you keep in touch with friends& loved ones via phone/txt/online?

Did you work on that project you've been meaning to get to?

You've been pretty damn productive in my book.

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Made the move to with only a few minor hiccups.
So glad to join @stux & my friends! :avengers: :captain: 💥

There is only one poll that counts; the final count on November 3, 2020.

Trump needs to lose by many millions to show the door to him and everyone who supports him. That is completely possible. He lost the last election's popular vote and his polls are crashing.

In 139 days, we fire Donald Trump and every Republican we can who enables the worst man to ever hold elective office.

Opinion | New polls show Trump sinking under the seismic events of the moment:

Finishing a pot of coffee is like saying goodbye to an old friend. "Thank you friend, you served me well. I'm sure your descendents will do the same."

I'm sure a lot of Trumpers and insensitive jerks are going to flip out about a brand name change of a product that they probably never think about or use, but the story behind this is way racist and it should have been done a long time ago.

Change is good, though. Change comes from speaking up. Always speak up.

Aunt Jemima character and brand name being removed from all products -

GDBee is making stickers and prints with half the sale (basically the profit) going to the Bail Project. they are an ultra talented black creator if you're not familiar.

I recommend perusing their shop in general bc they are a black creator in a rural area who can't afford to get out quite yet.

@IronMan They know that downplaying the threat of the virus will result in a lot more infections and many more deaths. They know because it's what has already happened.

It never stopped them before and it won't now.

They don't care how many people die as long as there are enough people alive in November to keep them in office.


Plus the voter suppression they are counting on and actively working at.

The opposition to Trump must vote in massive numbers.

I stared at the blank page, bereft of ideas. As I had been for a week. A week! I'd never-
Grateful for the distraction, I checked the message. From myself? From next year?
"Hi, I know it's hard to be creative right now. So I'm paying forward backwards. Here's an idea..."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

When important votes come up in Congress, the 700,00 citizens in D.C. have no Senators or House Rep they can call to voice their opinion.

It's time for the rest of us to stand up for them& give them a voice.

Contact your House Rep& tell them that D.C. deserves Statehood!

Call: (202) 224-3121
Text: RESIST to 50409

uk covid, go back into lockdown please 

Just because it is legal now to go shopping and hang out in crowded places doesn't mean you should.

You shouldn't send your kids outside to mix and play right now.

You should still be wearing masks and social distancing.

We all KNOW the gov is fucking this up so I don't understand why even people who WERE sensible about social distancing are NOW throwing caution to the wind.

People's lives are still at stake.

Good morning world! 🌎 I hope you will enjoy the day :blobcathearthug: :stux: ❤️

Good morning fedifolk and tootfriends!

Today I wish you unexpected encouragement ✨


"Please tell me you didn't get me a dragon for my birthday."


"DID you get me a dragon for my birthday?"


I growled in frustration and gestured at the fire-breathing reptile in the garage where a car might go if I could afford one. It had a ribbon tied around one horn.

The demon looked sheepish, "Do you wish for me to get rid of it?"

The dragon whined.

"I... mean I think it's already imprinted on me," I sighed.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

End Cash Bail now.
2/3 of Prisoners in California haven't been convicted but wait in jail because they can't afford bail - the rich folks, of course, are not among them. If you're stuck in jail you can't defend yourself, so the outcome is predetermined against the poor. The system is predatory. It's why "we have the best justice system money CAN BUY" it needs to end. Bail Bondsmen are part of the Prison industrial Complex.

Activism can sometimes take the form of contacting dictionary editors. Words are important, and I'd say lexicographers are more aware of that than most people.

Drake University graduate Kennedy Mitchum, 22, has convinced Merriam-Webster editors to update the definition of to emphasize systemic racism, a concept that many white people evidently need to have defined.


This man who has destroyed our economy, handed more than 100,000 people (and rising) death sentences, stoked the flames of racial hatred, ordered police and militia to attack peaceful protesters so he could have a photo op with a bible he never reads?

@IronMan Families who lost their loved ones wouldn't even stick around for the signing of this EO. He's not fooling people.

@NatashaRomanova We knew Trump has the object permanence of an infant. Turns out Pence's brain has regressed to that level as well. Being a Republican is bad for your development! @IronMan

@QueenRamonda Out of town & out of state counterprotesters too.

There's a good rationale for going to DC where 100,000 or more gather for protests and rallies no matter what your cause. Same with going your state capital, the nearest large city, or wherever your elected officials meet. It takes some real hatred to decide you need to take a trip to a tiny town far away to intimidate people calling for justice.

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