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Made the move to with only a few minor hiccups.
So glad to join @stux & my friends! :avengers: :captain: 💥

@NatashaRomanova @IronMan @CaptainKirk

Nat, I hope we never have to witness a scene like that again where people were forced to endanger themselves to be able to VOTE.

A nasty hail storm hit Milwaukee voters along with drenching rain late afternoon.

It hurt and upset me so much to see video of people in line, being hit with hail pellets and pouring rain.

😔 It was cruel, heartless & unnecessary.

You know the reason isn't what Republicans are claiming.

Federal Appeals Court Panel Reaffirms Texas Abortion Ban Under Coronavirus Limits

The decision allows the ban while litigation continues. Top state Republican officials have said abortion is an elective procedure and should be suspended to save medical supplies during the pandemic.

@GooseTheCat @IronMan I hope they use the line, "The Speaker of the State Assembly is not a brain surgeon."

Whoever runs against him, the commercial writes itself.

From CNN: Republican Wisconsin assembly speaker wears protective gear while telling voters they are 'incredibly safe to go out' - CNNPolitics

Something fun to do tonight and still keep your distance. Go outside and view the pink super moon. I plan to, cannot wait til 10:30pm. I love a full moon so this will be awesome to see

Thank you so much @IronMan for sending me some money ❤️ Companies like Patreon can make this very hard for us, thank you very much for your support in this times! ❤️

Sorry for any delay in viewing the full moon tonight. It got stuck in a tree in my garden and I had a helluva job to get it moving again.

Need an abortion? We are legally obligated to provide them where you live? No airplane to England due to the pandemic? THERE MIGHT BE A FERRY, GOOD LUCK!

Eric Holder: “People waiting to vote in Milwaukee - in the middle of a pandemic. This is what Vos, Fitzgerald, the Supreme Courts have done. They have endangered the lives of people who simply want to vote. This is irresponsible. It is shameful. We have to do better for November election.”

My thoughts & hopes for their safety are with every person standing in line in Wisconsin so their VOTE is cast & their voice heard.

Be safe, good people of Wisconsin.

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