Now Bhagat Tarachand, Kalbadevi, Mumbai - never looses the charm & taste πŸ˜‡

India's Home Minister made a blatantly false statement on the floor of the Parliament !

India's premier news paper published his statement, w/o caveats or fact check !!

India, as a nation, is an assault on facts, credibility & even common-sense !

Indian citizens can now feel completely secure - a terror accused undertrial has been nominated to Parliamentary panel on defence !!

India, as a nation, has regressed beyond repair !

Nashik District, in the Maharashtra state of India is considered as the Mecca of grapes !!

15 days of unseasonal rains have wrecked havoc. The damages to the grapevine is unprecedented. It has broken the back of growers. It has denyed the morale to such an extent that Horticuturists are cutting down the grapevine.

Mumbai Municipal corporation copied the European idea of having a free space for citizens on the busy CST junction.

This is what the citizen space is being used for 😑😑

Good morning @jamewils - please send rice bag & alcohol bottle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

If balancing the scales was the objective of - then Malegaon was the best solution !

Matamath Taalim (Devi Temple) & Masjid share a wall !

3 Domes of Masjid to the Muslim side & grand temple with Chabutra as a janamsthan !

Both sharing a wall !

Amongst other reasons of why Mota Bhai funded Deuuuulpment Messiah in 2014 -

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