Instead of talking about what the fascists and bigots are saying on the , can we talk about ourselves ? The way forward ? The build up of effective resistance ? The changes we want to bring ??

Believe me, it's not as difficult as it's made out. Maharashtra is an example. One man , changed the picture. Faddu is done and dusted.

So, let's talk about the way forward 🙏

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@AdvManoj But, do you think in case even Shiv Sena and NC and INC can't form a government, an election will be called?
And in case the govt is formed, do you think it will end up like Karnataka, where they all squabbled and broke away?

@ashlinpmathew :- In Karnataka the allies didn't squabble. MLAs were stolen by Shah.

Maharashtra is different. It has a Pawar

@AdvManoj See, there were differences. I much as I like Siddaramiah, he also instigated trouble with the govt.
Additionally, all the MLAs were bought

You think the coalition govt, if formed, will be more stable?

@ashlinpmathew :- No guess on that one. But can firmly say that a Non BJP government in Maharashtra & keys to Mumbai riches being taken away from the Duo, is of paramount national interest.

@AdvManoj This I agree with whole-heatedly...

Though there is a cynic in me that makes me wonder if it will even last.

@ashlinpmathew @AdvManoj

IMHO, the best solution is for INC/NCP to support the SHS from outside.

Thus, it will help keep the BJP out of power, without serious ideological compromise.

The real need for INC/NCP is to win back voters from VBA/MIM : play the "wasted vote", "B-team of BJP" cards etc., and identify a CM-candidate they can go into the next election with.

In short, play the long game.

What would have been be a less-unacceptable solution to the situation, Pradeep?

@wabbster @ashlinpmathew @AdvManoj


I don't know Amit. I'd recommend a re-election, but I know those things are expensive.

@ashlinpmathew @AdvManoj

@AmitRamesan @AdvManoj

Then there would be disgruntlement with the ranks, I feel.

It's like, you are so close to power, yet can't access it

@ashlinpmathew @AdvManoj Won’t last even a day, because the BJP will buy them up. And rub the Sena’s nose in it.

@rupagulab @AdvManoj Hmm. You know with the current state of affairs, I am willing to clutch at the straws

@AdvManoj Way forward is unite,keep egos out and share the task to defeat them. The problem educated people face is of importance and ego. This leads to stupid politics. #Unite4democracy is the call!

@jackerhack :- BJP is prevented from form forming govt. Despite tom-toming Art 370 & full on bigotry.

@AdvManoj Is BJP indeed done and dusted in MH? I would love to believe so. But somehow I am very doubtful.

@Surabhi - For the moment, it's out of power. Just enjoy while it lasts :)

@AdvManoj This is such a small but savoury moment. Thanks for sharing. I am loving it. Hoping with renewed vigour that BJP will be wiped out of power from all over India in days to come.

@AdvManoj @Surabhi until BJP gets thrown out from muncipalities, it's a short term event. That's where they make their real money.

With SS moving away, there will be fist fights even for those seats with BJP now. Cing+ NCP should Ally there also with SS

@AdvManoj Way forward is convince our political parties to come together. They failed massively in May 2019. If won't they unite, find alternatives.
No other option in democracy for this situation right now. PappuRaj has already started to alienate democratic foreign powers. Else they will keep stealing elections with no questions.

Media will start coming around to bit of impartiality once they see where wind moving.

@AdvManoj Yes please! Constructive way forward required! But at times we need to hash/thrash things to the end to discover where the light is coming from. Because at times, it may be peeking through that tiny hole above the door and something maybe blocking it from being seen... imho

@AdvManoj exactly! Couldn't agree more. I mean what's the idea of migrating from 🐦 to here if I'm gonna have to see what people on 🐦 has to offer

@AdvManoj Agreed. How do we form a common platform? Should we form a separate Instance where like minded persons can discuss and iron out differences between themselves and then form an agenda? I do not know the economics of this but i am sure someone can help out.

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