Sadistic Mika Band, early 1970s Japan. Been hearing about them for years, just recently had a listen. Funky, proggy and very cool. Good stuff!

Sometimes great musicians remain unknown to us until after they pass... so long and God bless to Victor Abimbola Olaiya, I hope to discover more about the life you lived and the music you made in the years to come...

News to me: 's pioneering hit "Supernature" was co-written with 's . Also: "One day I received the . I kind of struggled to find the power button." ;-)

#1980 40 years ago released three minutes of the finest rock’n’roll ever recorded. From , of course. HEY! ;-)

spent almost 20 years as the most active of eco-activists. She’s retreated from public life but she’s not forgotten. Here’s an rare recent interview, covers a lot of ground, worth a listen :-)

“This is the time for the world to listen to the activists from ... this is an opportunity for media to actually do some to the issues in Africa.” cc:

Astonishing one-person multi-instrumental performance from . TBH Never heard of him until I found this vid via . IMHO Y'all should watch the whole thing, it's well worth an hour of your time!

“Can you not see the reason why / We are so dishonest with each other? / I lie awake all night / As you haunt me. / I have lost my mind calling out your name.”

#1990 Revisiting 's "Eroica", a fab album of eclectic + eccentric + sensual pop music that deserved more attention. It would be their final album before an award-winning career of TV + film soundtrack work.

from the . Professor Gene Reeves, Rissho Kosei-kai seminary, talks to Reverend Doctor Kenneth Kenshin Tanaka. “Be excellent to each other! ♥”

I've been to twice. A beautiful nation of beautiful people, but even the mildest dissent is often met with merciless brutality. The bravery of these young people should not be underestimated.

Possibly the finest drummer in rock'n'roll history. Can't overstate the impact Neil + his bandmates had on me + millions more. God bless and thank you for the music!

Currently playing on in : "Back of My Hand" (Island Records, 1980) from UK power-popsters the Jags. Big hit on radio. One for the "whatever happened to?" files.

“...many of my fellow classmates and I were on free and reduced lunch. We were young, we were poor, and now we had to buy our drinking water, too.” CC: @BridgeMichigan

Another scholarly gem from and . Warning: This guy's smarter than the rest of us put together. Not for short attention spans. Enjoy ;-)

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