Trumps chaotic coronavirus responses should be banned, all he cares about is ratings not the American people dying. This Is sick.

Shut him off! He has failed.

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8 Republican U.S. governors have not installed any kind of orders in their states.

They care more about looking good to *45 than saving even 1 life.

AR - Asa Hutchinson 501-682-2345
IA - Kim Reynolds 515-281-5211
NE - Pete Ricketts 402-471-2244
ND - Doug Burgum 701-328-2200
SC - Henry McMaster 803-734-2100
SD - Kristi Noem 605-773-3212
UT - Gary Herbert 801-538-1000
WY - Mark Gordon 307-777-7434

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@IronMan @1WarMachine

This gif illustrates how I have felt early on, but especially recently re: Trump.

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"In November, vote like your life depends on it" was never an exaggeration.

Just more proof how this Administration failed America!

Trump is not a leader, just a squatter in the White House.

November we vote this illegitimate and corrupt Administration OUT.

And stay safe!
The Washington Post: Top Stories | Inside the coronavirus testing failure: Alarm and dismay among the scientists who sought to help

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The president is a moron who failed to listen and plan and didn't think it could come here as he has no understanding of anything.

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Somebody may have binged too much Disney while on quarantine.....

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It would be nice if we had a President with 20 or 30 years of government know-how instead of a condo-selling reality TV star who is hardly capable of learning on the job, if at all.

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Redo your headline, please: As layoffs soar, Trump blocks new access to affordable health insurance coverage.

Obamacare Markets Will Not Reopen, Trump Decides:

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is still planning to have their Presidential primary on Tuesday, April 7th.

In case they do, make sure you've requested a mail ballot by tomorrow, April 2nd.

There is an expected shortage of poll workers and visits to polling places should be minimal.

Ask for a no-excuse mail ballot in case it goes forward. Use the link below. @HeroesResist

I want to vote absentee | Wisconsin Elections Commission

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Well, if Trump and the Republicans in Congress don't kill us with their COVID-19 response, at least we can rest assured they'll kill us with their environmental policies.

217 days until we vote him out.


Trump to roll back Obama-era clean car rules in huge blow to climate fight:

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Everyone's life is an danger, so the Trump Administration figures just amp that up?

Keystone XL oil pipeline to begin construction during coronavirus pandemic

The embattled oil pipeline will extend through Canada and the U.S., and is set to operate in 2023.

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@IronMan On the plus side, fewer people are putting wear and tear on their cars right now and may keep them until the Biden Administration writes some new regulations or the 117th Congress we elect when we oust a bunch of useless Republican senators pass some good bills protecting the environment (that Biden will sign).

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@IronMan I look forward to electing a president who has the capacity to understand how data can help us and, while he cares deeply for the people of his country, will make decisions based on the evidence he is shown by the competent people around him rather than how things make him feel.

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At stake is whether true public need will be served by this massive rescue effort, or whether Trump, Mnuchin and big corporations will hijack it to their benefit even as the rest of the country endures extraordinary hardship amid a horrific public health emergency and a brutally punishing recession.

Warren’s letter to Mnuchin seeks to fill a major hole in the rescue package.

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Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan on a conversation with Governor Inslee: "I'd like everybody to tape a picture of a nurse to their front door or their car and ask themselves, 'Is it worth that nurse's life for me to walk out of my house right now?' We've got to what we need to do to protect those front line workers, our first responders, our health care workers."

Make yourself a collage of your health care worker friends, have your kid draw a picture of their pediatrician, whatever it takes.

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We know how challenging it is for candidates under the best circumstances but exponentially more so during a crisis.

But our elections are still important.

Remote efforts to get out the vote like Postcards to Voters have taken on even greater importance as a way to reach out.

Postcards to Voters has added messaging to get more people to vote by mail.

Let's please all commit to sending even 5 cards.
Text HELLO to (484) 275-2229 or visit

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