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We have ourselves a winner in the 3rd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2021

Congratulations to Python, which was able to defend its title in a 59 - 41 victory over Rust.

Third place goes to C with a convincing 61- 39 against Go.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the polls! See you next year for the fourth edition! ❤️

i hate sleep problems ... feel like a werewolf who can not sleep at full moon. -.-

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I ran across this:

It’s crowd sources so I added and to the appropriate categories because I was feeling crowdy. :-)

Oh no, do not support ssh-ed25519 keys, only ssh-ras keys. -.-

Got my raspberry pi 4, do you have any suggestions, what to do with it? (:

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Microsoft buying Discord doesn't seem like the end of the world.

In any case if you're looking for an alternative we've been experimenting with for awhile now. Element works pretty great and can bidirectionally bridge to your Discord server:



what can you recommend to host Services for your home on a single raspberry pi or kubernetes on raspberry pis.

Hmm schuld i separate the question?

AppImage, pacman, Snap? What should i use... :O

Hey , do you have a firewall in your home network?

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Noch immer gibt es in der EU Websites, die Googles reCaptcha einbinden – sogar Behörden sind dabei. Obwohl sie damit in einer rechtlichen Grauzone operieren.

Gibt es in der EU wirklich keinen #Captcha-Anbieter, der gut funktioniert und barrierearm ist? Tipps gesucht!


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Als Wanderer (Hiker) will ich darauf aufmerksam machen – leider wissen viele Zeitgenossen nicht (mehr), wie man sich in der Natur zu bewegen hätte... Wanderer, Biker, Jogger etc.

"Mit dem Frühling gehen auch wieder mehr Menschen nach draussen. Auch wegen des Coronavirus sind mehr Leute in der Natur unterwegs. Das kann aber für Vögel fatal sein."
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pwgen -sny 32 ... what do you think about a regular password change obligation? -.-

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Hallo community, kennt ihr gute Alternativen zu Confluence? Am besten mit Datenhalten in Europa oder Selfhosted? =)

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