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The list of current projects that are supported by #NLnet reads like an exiting list of new #FLOSS developments with probably more than a few projects you didn't know about.


Do you recommend a or a for the kindergarten, so that the children can talk to their kindergarten teacher? =)

I would like to share some services to my local =)

is there a way to transfer the of the to ? CMD + C = COPY, CMD + V = Paste and CMD + Q = quit etc...?

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"Signal: Neue Signal-Gruppen nutzen Google-Server"

Ich kann gar nicht mehr aufhören zu lachen!


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🕹️ 🎮 🎲 Interviewpartner*in gesucht: 🎤
Wir suchen für ein Schulprojekt (4. Klasse!) zum Thema Berufe eine*n Spieleentwickler*in/ -programmierer*in für ein kurzes Videointerview. 🚀 💻

Bei Interesse gerne per PN melden und/oder auch gerne teilen/ weiterleiten. Danke!

#spieleentwicklung #gamedev #gamedevelopment #GameMaker
@krille #Linux

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STOP using Zoom for video calls. Zoom is not secure. I highly recommend Whereby.com, no account needed, p2p encryption, not based in the US, they store no video or audio data. I use them all the time. Read how they do things here: whereby.helpscoutdocs.com/arti @whereby@twitter.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/KimDotcom/status/1

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Which client app are you using?

I’m not happy with element on smartphone, but don’t know why, so. I’ll try some others.

Which Terminal Emulators are you using? =)

What are you using? =)

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Trying to register online for the COVID vaccination in Germany:

the process breaks if you use an email with underscores in the address 🙄

Fucking "Neuland".

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is there a way to configure the server so, that the camera and the micro are initially muted?

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Wtf in #Dubai they have #LED lamps that are twice the efficiency as the rest of the world gets. These lamps use 4 times the LEDs inside and run them at lower voltage where they are more efficient.
Side benefit: They last way longer since with half power usage the circuits run colder. #lateStageCapitalism #climateCrisis #electronics

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Pro-Tipp für Eltern: Ihr müsst der Nutzung von Teams oder Zoom an Schulen nicht zustimmen. Wenn es eingesetzt wird, könnt ihr Beschwerde einlegen bzw. Bedenken äußern. Die Chancen stehen gut, dass dann etwas datenschutzfreundliches wie BigBlueButton etc. eingesetzt wird.

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