Neue Aufnahme des Hoppel-Weltraumhasenteleskops enthüllt seltsame Form der Planeten. Fachleute rätseln noch über Ursache.



GitHub Easter eggs for curl on Linux/macOS/Unix-like systems
curl # only works with curl

got my Homelab rack, now I still have to sort everything! =)

Got my raspberry pi 4, do you have any suggestions, what to do with it? (:

I get an error message from very often, can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong? :O =(

just found out that you can change your timeline settings. :D


C'mon, of all the bugs, this is the worst! There may be some canon reason why German manhole covers are used in Night City. But, please, DIN B125 is only allowed approved for pedestrian walkways. On roads, it should be a Begu D400 to support the weight!


Build a new pc for my brother, I hadn’t build a pc for a long time :-D so it took me 8 hours of work :-O

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