i don't know if i should eventually set up a , i'm quite happy here and @stux is just a good admin.

Internal Conflict ... :O

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@0hlov3 :blobcatgiggle: You are always happy to stay ❤️ Also if you need help I'm here! :cat_hug_triangle:

@0hlov3 @stux If you love where you're at, why add the massive overhead to your routine? :D

@siina @0hlov3 :blobcatgiggle: That is very true! A private server doesn't matter but publicly does require work and updates ❤️ That's part of the job desc :bloblaugh:

@stux @siina think you're right and I'll just stay here. =) I feel comfortable here and I don't think that stux will get evil. 😮 but one never knows 😛

And yes I forgot to read through the job description haha

Thank you. =)

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