@stux whats happening today? :O =(

Web 1 0 0

@0hlov3 We are now recovering from an attack last night :sad_dog:

@stux @0hlov3 oh, interesting! It could be my enemies. 馃暤锔忊嶁檪锔

@0hlov3 @stux Honestly, I don't know. Some people just target random websites that they think are vulnerable (heck, I've done it just as a test). There was a white supremacist group who was going after me for a while, but their leader is in prison now, so I'm not sure!

@0hlov3 oh, I hadn't told you that story? @stux knows it already. It was the guys who used to run the site Doxbin. They doxed me and also tried to crack my bank accounts and crack all my social media accounts. And they attempted to swat me too, but they had the wrong address!

@calculsoberic @stux What? :o I really didn't know the story yet. Why do they do such a thing?

I really can't understand some people.

So I have to be careful now?

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