Hi, when you have a single host only, what would you use to host some services like and so on?

@0hlov3 I'm using ansible to deploy docker containers. Kubernetes is overkill for just about anything that doesn't need autimatic scaling and migration.

@0hlov3 @jcgruenhage LXC maybe if containerization is a requirement? Otherwise plain.

@0hlov3 Docker all the way^^

I've got a docker-compose templates for each service I need which I simply copy and run. That's it. There's no easier way IMHO for single hosts.

@0hlov3 Kubernetes is overkill for a single instance, but docker makes it easy to set everything up and maintain it (just replace the old version of your docker container with the newest one, and this kind of software usually releases their official container with each release).

Also, if you're planning on installing owncloud, go research nextcloud.

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