Good Morning! =) can't sleep anymore -.-

Are there cool blogs or wikis about the and how it works?( under the hood )

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I was just in the for the first time this year and it was really cold :D

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Im #Fediverse wird eine Idee für den #ARD-#Zukunftsdialog diskutiert:

Statt sein Publikum in die Silos der Großkonzerne #GAFAM zu locken, soll der #ÖR auch im freien Fediverse präsent sein! #ÖRinsFediverse



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The end of the month is here again, also a new server bill from past month :flan_hacker:

If you can and only have some spare money to donate please think about helping me out paying the server(and electric) bill for mstdn, PeerTube.TV and Matrix(❤️

Thank you :cat_hug_triangle:

BTC: 154MK3JjgSu9n65xGtvrsmbbznANou86sN

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Sucht in Hamburg gerade zufällig jemand einen Job als Linux Systems Engineer (w/d/m)?

Have you ever heard the following sentence?

I love the search results tailored to me.... :P

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The Windows Update Song. Full song here

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Meow there!😻 I’ve decided to create a Ko-Fi page for my girlfriend♥️

For her job she needs a drivers licence so she can get around to her clients where she cleans and maintains the homes.

She helps elderly and disabled people in the household and keeps them company during these difficult times. Please think about helping her get her licence so she can help the people who really need it.💪🏻

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Der Browser Microsoft Edge ist ein schwerer Datenschutzunfall. Selbst im privaten Modus wird die komplette URL in die Microsoft-Cloud übermittelt.

#microsoft #edge #datenschutz #sicherheit

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we live in a cyberpunk reality but without the neon

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Good morning, first coffee, then a little k8s migration... :O

Wanted to get something in the garden store today, the security comes and says to me that I need the Luka app to get in, well then I have to order again at the online retailer -.-

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